Coll fires the first shot of The 2017 Tower Power Trash Talk Season
COLL - So this morning, like every morning, I'm out training for the Tower Run and I passed Craig Leon on the trail (correct me if I'm wrong!). Honestly, he didn't look that great and I'm wondering if he'll even make it to the top without walking this year. Just the fact he was jogging on the trail makes me think he was lost. Normally he doesn't stray too far from the sidewalks. 
And another thing,  John Barry calls me yesterday and wants a fancy new pair of shoes, as if that's going to carry him up the hill instead of his own hard work. I get the sense he's always looking for some magic trick to avoid suffering like the rest of us. 
The day of reckoning is coming and the men will be separated from the boys once again.

LEON - I'm surprised that Bob Coll even recognized me - his head and eyes were buried in the soggy, wet trail. Honestly, it was a look of defeat. Doubt has unquestionably crept into his mind. Will he manage to shuffle himself up the mega-hill to the tower this year? Only time will tell.

COLL -  Update on John Barry - Apparently he snuck into the shop while I was away and opted for the heavy duty geriatric mall walking shoes, they may have Velcro. I remember when he wore the lightweight high performance running shoes.

JBJ  -  Anyone can win Boston and New York.  Anyone can medal in the Olympics.  Anyone can keep Yordanos happy.  (All above about equal degree of difficulty.)  But it takes a real man to take on The Tower.  I am sorry to report that MEB's a wuss.

MEB's rebuttal -  Hmm.  Not a peep.
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JBJ - After reviewing the video Ashton checked in with-

Looks tough.

But doable.

JBJ's response - "For Brianne, maybe."
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JBJ  -  Well, anyone can win a million championships and medals and spend half his life standing on podiums.  But it takes a real man to take on The Tower.  I am sorry to report that Ashton's a wuss.  At least he didn't just disappear.  He submitted a formal DNS.  This couldn't have been easy on his pride, but, heck, sometimes we just have to accept that we are in over our heads.

I believe Brianne would kick all our butts but, being a sweet, kind and sensitive wife, she has decided not to overshadow Ash by participating.

So, with Ash, Bri and Meb staying home it is starting to look like Olympians are wusses. 

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